our services

We have a track record of delivering on clients’ critical success factors like developing solutions based on clients needs, client satisfaction and cost reduction without compromising on quality.

EUC Company is providing premium quality services in the following fields:

Outsourcing & Recruitment:   

EUC is committed to provide the highest quality consultancy services in outsourcing. We provide well trained workforce for all kind of businesses. Currently we are dealing with large and leading insurance companies.

Marketing, Promotions & Business Development

EUC offers a dynamic spectrum of products & services offering marketing, business development & promotion solutions to cater versatile needs of its “partners”.

Operation & Maintenance 

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality that is expected of the company. In this seen, all our services cater to all our customer’s expectations and provide them with the best available solutions to satisfy their needs and demands.

This includes the following:

  • Operation and maintenance of public buildings and facilities.
  • Operation and maintenance of university buildings and facilities.
  • Operation and maintenance of gardens and trees.
  • Operating comprehensive medical facilities.
  • Medical and non-medical maintenance.

 Business Development & Support & Marketing for others:

At EUC, our wide ranging business development & support solutions drive its inspiration from our vision and working philosophy; to deliver a sustainable premium success for our “partners. We offer value-added provisioning / deployment of experienced and highly skilled professional staff to perform  Functional operations matching your requirements/ project.